Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pediatric Dentist in Passaic, NJ

The thought of a dental chair might bring up fears,pains,loud noises,confined spaces and needles. Almost every child loves eating candy but hates going to the dentist. Hold that thought! At the pediatric dental care in Passaic, we use dental care techniques to calm the nerves of young patients with our tools and equipment that are specifically made to ease on young patients. Pediatric Dentists in Passaic NJ specialize in providing pediatric dental care to children in Passaic NJ and other areas in Passaic County. When it comes to your child's health, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy habits to avoid the dreaded cavity or other dental problems. Starting at a young age will make your child will develop the right routine necessary for future dental care as they go into adulthood. Here are some helpful tips for parents to follow up with the maintenance of your child's oral health

Pediatric Dental Care for Preschoolers in Passaic, NJ:
Parents should brush preschoolers' teeth after breakfast and before bedtime. By the age of two, the child is ready to start flossing. When visiting the dentist, make it a positive experience and instill the notion that this is a fun and happy trip.
Pediatric Dental Care for School-Age Children in Passaic, NJ:
Continue supervising brushing until the age of 7 or 8. Supervise your child's flossing until they are 10 years old. Visit the dentist every six months. Sealants are an excellent preventive measure against cavities in permanent molars.
Pediatric Dental Care for Teenagers in Passaic, NJ:
Tooth decay and gum disease affects 60 percent of teens. Teenagers typically eat nine times a day, and they tend to favor a diet full of sugars and starches. Remain watchful of their eating habits. Make sure your teenager is not putting off brushing and flossing.
We also make it a point to provide information on proper teeth care so that our patients walk away with the knowledge of how to keep their teeth healthy.

Explaining your child his or her oral health is what we believe the first step in making them feel more comfortable going to the dentist. The authority on children's oral healthThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) strongly supports children’s oral health and promotes evidence-based policies and clinical instructions, educates and informs parents and offers continuing professional education for pediatric dentists and general dentists of children. Through their guidelines,we learn to give young patients the best dental experience and make them trust our well trained dentists. Kids dentists in Passaic address all concerns with the best treatment that is needed so sooner or later, your child will love going to the dentist.

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Pediatric Dentist in Bergenfield, NJ

When it comes to finding dentist for your children it can be pretty daunting. You may have a lot of concerns because children tend to be very sensitive to the word dentist. Part of your worries will include, is the doctor experienced with children? will my child feel comfortable? How will they handle the dental procedures? However, thanks to Clifton Pediatric Dental Care you can stop worrying about these things when taking your child to the dentist. You can finally get a good pediatric dentist in Bergenfield, NJ that will keep your child at ease and you worry free. 

Clifton Pediatric Dental Care is the dentist specialized only for children. Everything in our offices from our waiting rooms to equipment are kid friendly. We are all about the comfort of your child in order to create positive experiences with children and dentist. Our goal is to not only treat your child but educate them on the importance of oral health. We want to create good habits that will carry on a lifetime of healthy smiles. Just the best pediatric dentist in Bergenfield, NJ dedicated to work with your child, we provide games, toys and kid oriented waiting rooms as you wait. The comfort does not end in the waiting room, we use kid friendly tools and techniques to keep your child at ease in the care rooms too. We do it all because we know how important your child's oral health is. Click the link, Clifton Pediatric Dental Care suggests dental books for kids. 

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist in NJ

Looking for a good dentist for your child? Then, you should know that there are many advantages of a pediatric dentist in NJ. As a parent searching for your child's dentist can be really difficult, you might be worried; is this dentist good with kids? will your child be comfortable at this dentist? or are they friendly? The good news is at the Clifton Pediatric Dental Care we put all of your questions to rest.

There are many advantages of a pediatric dentist in NJ with the Clifton Pediatric Dental Care. Our priority is to make you child comfortable through out their visit. We want to make the encouragement of good oral health a positive experience for our young customers. This will allow children to gain healthy habits that carry  out a lifetime of good oral health. Here at the Clifton Pediatric Dental Care all of our tools and facilities are designed for the comfort of your child. Our offices include games so that children can feel at ease when visiting the dentist. You can feel good too that your child can finally have a good experience with oral care. You may have some questions for your pediatric dentist about your child's oral health. 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pediatric Dentist in Teaneck, NJ

When you take your child to a Teaneck, NJ pediatric dentist you should consider asking him the following questions.

“How often should my child come in to see you?”

“How can I prevent my child from getting cavities?”

“What is the proper way to brush and floss my child's teeth?”

“What should I tell my child if he is nervous about going to the dentist?”

At Clifton Pediatric, our NJ pediatric dentist not only has the answers to all the above questions and more, but also has the training and education to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. Dental care varies for preschoolers, elementary and middle schoolers, and teenagers. When you come in to see us we will explain those distinctions to you. 

Just to give you a brief idea -- for preschoolers, you need to carefully monitor their brushing and begin flossing when they are 2 years old. For elementary and middle schoolers, you should continue supervising their dental care until they are in 2nd grade. But, continue to oversee their flossing until they are about 10 years of age. Lastly, for teenagers, try to keep the sugary snacks at bay, and make sure they are staying on top of their brushing and flossing.

Some other important tips to keep in mind when it comes to your kid's dental care:

  • Make sure they are brushing their teeth at least twice a day.
  • Give them a soft-bristled toothbrush that fits their mouth properly. They will be more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth if their tooth brush does not hurt their mouth.
  • Show them the proper brushing technique and tell them to avoid scrubbing too hard as it can irritate the gums.
  • Always rinse their toothbrush and keep it upright so it can dry and avoid growing bacteria.
  • Replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months.
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